The insulating BetonEco panel offers a very high noise reduction, a very high thermal shifting mass and has a side with a smooth cementitious finish particularly suitable to constitute the support for multiple types of finishes. In particular, the panel is used in roofs, floors, as an isolated dry screed, as a disposable formwork, and for various uses in green building constructions.

The BetonEco panel effectively isolates every part of the building:

• it can be used as insulation for roofs and floors that require a high mass for thermal displacement and noise reduction;
• also ideal for insulating both flat and sloping roofs, as the cement bonded particle board protects the cork from moisture and fire (class A2), the entire panel is walkable, therefore suitable for laying on horizontal surfaces;
• very high compressive strength (9.000,00 KPa).

The installation is closely linked to the type of use of the panel, mainly with screws, we suggest to request the most suitable mounting system based on the use of the product to our technical office.

  cement bonded particle board BetonWood

Density (kg/m³)1350
Fire resistance according to EN 13501-1A2-fl-s1
Thermal conductivity coefficient λD W/(m∗K)0,26
Specific heat [J/(kg∗K)]1880
Resistance to vapor diffusion μ22,6
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion α0,00001
Thick swelling after 24 hours in water1,5%
Surface PH value11
Resistance to compression (kPa)9000,00

  mineralized wood wool panel

Density (kg/m³)8÷26
Fire resistance according to EN 13501-1B-s1-d0
Thermal conductivity coefficient λD W/(m∗K)0,046
Specific heat [J/(kg∗K)]2100
Resistance to vapor diffusion μ5
Flexural strength (N /mm²)0,4÷0,7
Tensile strength perpendicular to the faces (kPa) ≥ 100
Soundproofing (dB)26÷35