Beton Radiant is a modular panel for radiant heating floor systems and consists in a milled Betonwood cement bonded particle board with high density (1350 Kg/m³) according to the standard EN 13986, and an high compression resistance equal to 9000 kPa.

Beton Radiant is an excellent solution to obtain a radiant heating floor system with condensing boilers. The system can also be used on the ceiling and for wall-mounted air conditioning, thus eliminating both radiators and air conditioners.

The radiant panel BetonRadiant is a modular system suitable for any finish, ensuring excellent ease of installation and flexibility, which makes it ideal for the realization of radiant floor heating systems.

This cement bonded particle board is milled for housing pipes for radiant floor heating systems; however it is possible to couple this panel in the lower part with another one in wood fiber FiberTherm, blond cork Cork Panels or expanded/extruded polystyrene for greater thermal and acoustic insulation.
If you are interested in this type of solution, it is recommended to view our other BetonRadiant products.
The panel is made of high-density (1350 Kg/m³) Portland cement and stripped pine wood fibers, this particular panel guarantees an excellent solution for interventions aimed at achieving high levels of thermal lag.

The Betonradiant cement-based radiant floor offers the advantage of having a specific heat c = 1,88 kj/kg K, which makes the panel an entire radiant mass. This highly improved value compared to the plasterboard slabs allows a uniform distribution of heat.


  Cement bonded particle board thickness (mm)
Cement bonded particle board thickness (mm) 20 22

Available thicknesses
Two cement bonded particle boards thick 18 mm (36 mm) 850 x 500 1000 x 500
Two cement bonded particle boards thick 20 mm (40 mm) 1200 x 500
Two cement bonded particle boards thick 22 mm (44 mm) 1200 x 500

On request it is possible to produce different sizes for minimum quantities of 300 square meters.

On request it is possible to make housing millings for pipes larger than 14 mm (standard size), up to a maximum of 17 mm. With a 5% cost increase.

  cement bonded particle board BetonWood

Density (kg/m³)1350
Fire resistance according to EN 13501-1A2-fl-s1
Thermal conductivity coefficient λD W/(m∗K)0,26
Specific heat [J/(kg∗K)]1880
Resistance to vapor diffusion μ22,6
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion α0,00001
Thick swelling after 24 hours in water1,5%
Surface PH value11
Resistance to compression (kPa)9000,00
Transverse tensile strength (kPa)500,00
Cutting resistance (kPa)500,00
Elasticity module E (kPa)4.500,00

The BetonRadiant panels are also:

• resistant to the outside;
• does not freeze;
• free from formaldehyde, asbestos.

The system is also available in the version coupled directly in the factory with an insulating layer, which improves the radiant capacity of the entire package.