BetonFiber is ideal for thermo-acoustic insulation, with rigid panel, of buildings made of wood or with a traditional system. A single insulating panel combines the advantages of wood fiber, a natural insulator with high thermal performance, to those of cement bonded particle boards, a high density natural material, which allows to obtain excellent results of thermal phase shift and acoustic insulation. All the materials used for the production of the BetonFiber panel are obtained with the use of wood coming only from responsibly managed forests, as attested by the FSC certification.

Insulating panel in cement bonded particle board and fiber wood panel. The BetonFiber panel is made up of two factory-coupled layers: one layer consists of a high density BetonWood cement bonded particle board (1350 Kg/m³), made of Portland-type cement conglomerate and debarked pine wood, the other layer is consisting of a panel made of insulating wood fiber Fibertherm (160 Kg/m³).

The BetonFiber panel allows you to effectively isolate every part of the building:

• it can be used as insulation for roofs and floors that require a high mass for thermal displacement and noise reduction;
• also ideal for insulating both flat and sloping roofs, as the cement bonded particle board protects the cork from moisture and fire (class A2), the entire panel is walkable, therefore suitable for laying on horizontal surfaces;
• very high compressive strength (9.000,00 KPa).


  Thickness of the wood fiber panel(mm)
Betonwood thickness (mm) 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160

Available thicknesses
Cement bonded particle boards with a thickness from 8 to 40 mm
1200 x 500 1200 x 600
Cement bonded particle boards with a thickness of 20 mm
1200 x 500

  standard thicknesses

  •   thicknesses on request

The table proposes standard thicknesses and formats according to the experience gained by our company in direct contact with the building world for years, to propose the best solutions in the field of thermal insulation. Larger formats are also available (3200x1250, 2800x1250, 2600x1250).
For the aforementioned sizes with a panel thickness exceeding 20 mm or for any other customization, minimum orders of 300 square meters are required.

The insulation can be combined with the Betonwood cement bonded particle boaards with even lining in order to improve the laying, in particular for the realization of dry screeds and radiant screeds.

  cement bonded particle board BetonWood

Density (kg/m³)1350
Fire resistance according to EN 13501-1A2-fl-s1
Thermal conductivity coefficient λD W/(m∗K)0,26
Specific heat [J/(kg∗K)]1880
Resistance to vapor diffusion μ22,6
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion α0,00001
Thick swelling after 24 hours in water1,5%
Surface PH value11
Resistance to compression (kPa)9000,00

  wood fiber panels FiberTherm

Density (kg/m³) 100÷160
Fire resistance according to EN 13501-1E
Thermal conductivity coefficient λD W/(m∗K)0,037÷0,039
Specific heat [J/(kg∗K)]2100
Resistance to vapor diffusion μ 5
Flexural strength at 10% of compression σ (N /mm²) 0,05
Tensile strenght (kPa)≥ 2,5
Resistance to compression (kPa) 50,00
Flexural resistance (kPa·s)/m²≥ 100
Waste code 030105/170201

Beton Fiber insulation panels are characterized by:
• excellent compressive strength (9000,00 KPa);
• very high noise reduction;
• fire-resistant surface class A2;
• very effective protection against the summer heat, thanks to the high density of the panel which allows to obtain excellent results of THERMAL DISPLACEMENT;
• opening to the diffusion of water vapor, contributing to the construction of breathable buildings with high comfort and protected from humidity because it cannot rot;
• quality guarantee, thanks to continuous checks and tests carried out according to the European standards in force.