Wood fiber panels FiberTherm Universal

Wood fiber FiberTherm Universal

Wood fiber panels FiberTherm Universal with density 270 Kg/m³.
Fibertherm Universal is a panel of high density wood fiber for roofs, attics, floors and dry floors. Ideal for insulation in wooden constructions, but also in renovations and new traditional buildings.

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FiberTherm Universal wood fiber panel is a thermo-acoustic insulation fixed under the surface finishing layer for roofs and walls. It has the ability to increase the insulating power of wooden elements.

FiberTherm Universal wood fiber insulation boards are particularly stable and light, they are produced by wet process. Available with tongue&groove or sharp edge profile. These panels have an high density equal to 270 kg/m³.

The material is also recyclable, with relative NaturePlus certification and made exclusively with wood from controlled forests in compliance with the FSC directives.

With FiberTherm universal dry it is possible to achieve thermo-acoustic insulation of the roof and walls to make a considerable contribution to improving the quality of life within one's own home walls. With FiberTherm universal dry an excellent thermal insulation of solid wood structural elements is obtained.
Thanks to its low thermal conductivity and high thermal resistance, FiberTherm universal protects your environments even from summer heat and winter frost. The density, approx. 270 kg/m³ and the high specific heat, 2100 J/kgK (more than double compared to mineral wool), they prevent heat from entering even during the hottest days. In this way you will enjoy a pleasant sleep, even under the roof.

The FiberTherm Universal wood fiber panel has the following characteristics:

• high pressure resistance, impact resistance in the support area;
• excellent insulation characteristics and high heat protection in summer;
• reduces structural thermal bridges;
• particularly open to diffusion, suitable for insulated roofs without crawl spaces;
• rainproof thanks to the special fold for the pitch slopes ≥ 18°;
• suitable as an emergency roof even for four weeks;
• effective protection against wind, dust, humidity and noise;
• air-conditioning function due to high absorption capacity;
• completely hydrophobic, no post-treatment of the cutting edges;
• recyclable, ecological, respects the environment;
• tested and authorized building material based on current European standards.

  tongue&groove panels

Thickness (mm)Dimension (mm)Real surface(mm)Weight/m²(kg)Panels/Palletm²/PalletWeight/Pallet(kg)

  sharp edges panels

Thickness (mm)Dimension (mm)Weight/m²(kg)Panels/Palletm²/PalletWeight/Pallet(kg)


Density (kg/m³)270
Reaction to fire according to EN 13501-1E
Coefficient of thermal conductivity λD W/(m∗K)0,048
Specific heat c [J/(kg∗K)]2.100
Resistance to vapor diffusion μ5
sd value (m)0,11 (22)/ 0,12 (24)/ 0,18 (35)/ 0,26 (52)/0,30 (60)
Thermal resistance¬†¬† RD [(m² · K)/W]0,45 (22)/ 0,50 (24) / 0,70 (35)/ 1,05 (52)/ 1,25 (60)
Compression stress for 10% distortion (N/mm²)0,20
Compression strenght (kPa)200
Tensile strenght (kPa)≥30
Specific resistance to air flow [(kPa·s)/m²]≥100
Short-term water absorption (kg/m²)≤1,0
Panels identificationWF - EN 13171 - T5 -DS (70,-) 2 - CS (10 \Y)200 - TR30 - WS1,0 - AF100; EN 622-4 - SB.H - E1
Waste code (EAK)030105 /170201