Wood fiber panels FiberTherm Internal

Wood fiber FiberTherm Internal

Wood fiber panels with density of 160 Kg/m³.
Fibertherm Internal is a plasterable wood fiber panel for the thermal insulation of internal walls. The panels have reduced thickness to occupy the least possible space, high resistance to compression and are water repellent.

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The FiberTherm Internal wood fiber panel is an insulator for the internal walls: reducing heating costs can improve the lifestyle. The applications are multiple, compared to other types of internal insulation it is also the most economical solution.

There are excellent reasons for creating an internal insulation: in the case where the facades cannot be modified, if you want to insulate an apartment, or if the external walls of an old building need better insulation. In addition to this, you can improve the performance of internal insulation of buildings or poorly used rooms, such as vacation homes, common rooms or guest rooms - through the internal insulation, the rooms can heat up quickly. Furthermore, installing an internal insulation is often easier.
Scaffolding is not used and action can be taken regardless of weather conditions. However, external insulation is still more effective. This is why we recommend the use of internal insulation only in the cases described above.

FiberTherm Internal wood fiber panels are ideal even in limited space situations. Available with tongue&groove profile or with sharp and flat edge. It has density equal to 160 Kg/m³.

FiberTherm Internal wood fiber insulating panels spread the steam and allow capillary steam transport.
FiberTherm Internal protects the living area from mold as it provides an optimal moisture balance to create an environment in which no mold is formed.

The FiberTherm Internal panel in wood fiber has the following features:
• ecological internal insulation;
• ideal for masonry and restoration of wooden cladding;
• excellent humidity control - maximum safety;
• can be used without additional anti-vapor layers;
• it brings a truly healthy and natural interior atmosphere;
• recyclable, ecological, respects the environment;
• tested and authorized building material based on current European standards.

The material is also recyclable, with relative NaturePlus certification and made exclusively with wood from controlled forests in compliance with the FSC directives.

  sharp edge's panels

Thickness (mm) Dimension (mm) Real surface(mm) Weight/m²(kg) Panels/Pallet m²/Pallet Weight/Pallet(kg)
401200x3801200x380 6,40 8438,3approx.260
60 1200x380 1200x380 9,60 5726,0approx.250
80 1200x380 1200x380 12,80 4219,2approx.270

  tongue&groove edge's panels

Thickness (mm) Dimension (mm) Real surface(mm) Weight/m²(kg) Panels/Pallet m²/Pallet Weight/Pallet(kg)
40 1200x380 1186x366 6,40 8438,3approx.260
60 1200x380 1186x366 9,60 5424,6approx.250

General indications:
• stack horizontally and dry;
• pay particular attention to the edges of the panels;
• remove the pallet packaging only when it is on a flat, stable and dry surface.


Density (kg/m³) 160
Reaction to fire according to the EN standard 13501-1E
Coefficient of thermal conductivity λD W/(m∗K)0,038
Specific heat c [J/(kg∗K)]2.100
Resistance to vapor diffusion μ5
sd value (m)0,2(40) / 0,3(60) / 0,4(80)
Thermal resistance¬†¬† RD [(m² · K)/W]1,0 (40) / 1,5 (60)/ 2,0(80)
Compression strenght (kPa)50
Flexural strenght [(kPa·s)/m²]≥100
Panels idenstificationWF - EN 13171 - T4 - CS(10 \Y)50 - TR2,5 - AF 100
Waste code (EAK)030105 /170201