Wood fiber panels FiberTherm Dry

Wood fiber FiberTherm Dry

Wood fiber panels with density 110 Kg/m³.
Wood fiber FiberTherm Dry is a rigid panel for thermal and acoustic insulation, dry product, breathable, ideal for isolating attics and walls in a completely natural way.

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The FiberTherm dry wood fiber panel is a thermo-acoustic insulation under covering for roofs and walls. It has the ability to expand the insulation of solid wood elements.

FiberTherm dry wood fiber panels are particularly stable and light, they are produced by dry process. Available with tongue&groove profile, overlapped, or sharp edge. These panels have a density of 110 kg/m³.

The material is also recyclable, with relative NaturePlus certification and made exclusively with wood from controlled forests in compliance with the FSC directives.

With FiberTherm dry it is possible to obtain a thermo-acoustic insulation of the roof and walls in order to contribute considerably to improving the quality of life within one's own home walls. With FiberTherm dry an excellent thermal insulation of solid wood structural elements is obtained.
And even more: thanks to its low thermal conductivity and high thermal resistance, FiberTherm dry protects your rooms even from summer heat and winter frost. The density, approx 110 kg/m³ and the high specific heat, 2100 J/kgK (more than double compared to mineral wool), prevent heat from entering even during the hottest days. In this way you will enjoy a pleasant sleep, even under the roof.

FiberTherm Dry wood fiber panel is an excellent thermo-acoustic insulation for attics and walls:

• versatile insulating panel for different applications;
• dermatologically tested, without any negative effects on the skin;
• sharp, stepped or tongue&groove profile;
• realized by dry method;
• insulating panel in stiff and light wood fiber;
• excellent insulating properties, in summer as in winter;
• breathable, promotes a comfortable and healthy environment;
• recyclable, ecological, respects the environment;
• tested and authorized building material based on current European standards.

  panels with sharp edges

Thickness (mm) Dimension (mm) Real surface(mm) Weight/m²(kg) Panels/Pallet m²/Pallet Weight/Pallet(kg)
401350x6001350x600 4,40 5645,4approx.215
601350x6001350x600 6,60 3830,8approx.218
801350x6001350x600 8,80 2822,7approx.215
1001350x6001350x600 11,00 2217,8approx.211
120 1350x6001350x600 13,20 1814,6approx.207
140 1350x6001350x600 15,40 1613,0approx.215
160 1350x6001350x600 17,60 14 11,3approx.218
180 1350x6001350x600 19,80 129,7approx.215
200 1350x6001350x600 22,00 12 9,7approx.215
220 1350x6001350x600 24,20 108,1approx.215
240 1350x6001350x600 26,40 10 8,1approx.215
260 1350x6001350x600 28,60 86,4approx.215
280 1350x6001350x600 30,80 8 6,4approx.215
300 1350x6001350x600 33,00 8 6,4approx.215

  panels with stepped edges

Thickness (mm) Dimension (mm) Real surface(mm) Weight/m²(kg) Panels/Pallet m²/Pallet Weight/Pallet(kg)
140 1350x6001335x585 13,20 1612,7approx.215
160 1350x6001335x585 17,60 1410,9approx.215
180 1350x6001335x585 19,80 129,4approx.207
200 1350x6001335x585 22,00 129,4approx.229
220 1350x6001335x585 24,20 107,8approx.211
240 1350x6001335x585 26,40 107,8approx.229

panels with tongue&groove edges

Thickness (mm) Dimension (mm) Real surface(mm) Weight/m²(kg) Panels/Pallet m²/Pallet Weight/Pallet(kg)
60 1880x600 1850x570 6,60 3838,4approx.283
80 1880x600 1850x570 8,80 2831,6approx.293
100 1880x600 1850x570 11,00 2223,5approx.288
120 1880x600 1850x570 13,20 1819,2approx.283
140 1880x600 1850x570 15,40 1617,1approx.293
160 1880x600 1850x570 17,60 1415,0approx.293

General indications:
• stack horizontally and dry;
• pay particular attention to the edges of the panels;
• remove the pallet packaging only when it is on a flat, stable and dry surface.


Density (kg/m³) 110
Reaction to fire according to the EN standard 13501-1 E
Thermal conductivity coefficient λD W/(m∗K) 0,037
Specific heat c [J/(kg∗K)] 2.100
Resistance to vapor diffusion μ 3
sd value (m) 0,12(40) /0,18(60) /0,24(80) /0,3(100) /0,36(120) / 0,42(140) / 0,48(160) / 0,54(180) /0,6(200) / 0,66(220) /0,72(240)/0,78(260)/0,84(280)/ 0,9(300)
Thermal resistance¬† RD [(m² · K)/W]1,5(40) /1,6(60) /2,1(80) /2,7(100) /3,2(120) / 3,7(140) /4,3(160) /4,8(180) /5,4(200) /5,9(220) / 6,4(240)/7,0(260)/7,55(280)/ 8,1(300)
Flexural strength at 10% compression (N/mm²) 0,05
Compression strenght (kPa) 50
Tear resistance (kPa) 5
Water absorption (kg/m²) ≥1,0
Manufacturing controlled according to the legislation EN 13171
Panels identification WF - EN 13171 - T5 - CS(10\Y)50 - TR10 - WS1,0 - MU3
Waste code (EAK) 030105 /170201

FiberTherm Dry wood fiber panels are characterized by:
• effective protection against summer heat thanks to the remarkable intrinsic insulating properties;
• opening to the diffusion of water vapor which contributes to the construction of breathable buildings;
• high humidity absorption capacity of the environment, a natural hygrometric regulator system;
• quality guarantee, thanks to continuous checks and tests carried out according to the European standards.