Bituminous wood fiber panels FiberTherm Black

Bituminous wood fiber FiberTherm Black

Bituminous wood fiber FiberTherm black is a black-colored panel covering for the thermal and acoustic insulation of the external walls, it has high density and resistance to compression and in particular it is suitable for continuous or ventilated facades.

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FiberTherm Black bituminous wood fiber panels are thermo-acoustic insulators with high density and resistance suitable for use in curtain walls.

External curtain wall cladding with FiberTherm black bituminous wood fiber panels available with tongue-and-groove edge for greater ease of installation and to make the joints between the panels totally invisible.

Its density is equal to 260 kg/m³.

The material is also recyclable, with relative NaturePlus certification and made exclusively with wood from controlled forests in compliance with the FSC directives.

FiberTherm Black bituminous wood fiber panel has many advantages, among which we have:

• the black surface for curtain walls has joints 20 mm wide;
• protection from atmospheric agents without the need for additional films;
• continuous bitumen - preserves function and appearance even with superficial damage;
• tongue & groove profile on all four sides of the panel;
• installation without waste;
• no graying of the surface due to exposure to UV rays;
• particularly permeable for greater structural safety;
• quick and easy installation.


Thickness (mm) Dimension (mm) Weight/m²(kg) Panels/Pack Packs/Pallet Weight/Pallet(kg)
22 2500x600 5,83 52 75,4 approx.500


Density (kg/m³) 260
Reaction to fire according to the EN standard 13501-1 E
Thermal conductivity coefficient λD W/(m∗K) 0,050
Specific heat c [J/(kg∗K)] 2.100
Resistance to vapor diffusion μ 5
sd value (m) 0,11
Compression strenght (kPa) 150
Panels identification SB.E-E1
Waste code (EAK)030105 /170201