Bituminous wood fiber BitumFiber

Wood fiber Bitum Fiber

Bituminous wood fiber panels with density 230 Kg/m³.
Bituminous wood fiber BitumFiber is a panel that, thanks to its high resistance to compression and high density, is ideal for making dry and wet screeds, paving and walkable floors.

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The BitumFiber bituminous wood fiber panel is a separating panel under concrete screeds, and is obtained by felting and drying wood fibers impregnated to 10% bitumen dried during manufacture (percentage of bitumen reinforced upon request) . 
Excellent acoustic impact sound insulation improves sound comfort in the rooms and promotes the spread of water vapor, so as to minimize the formation of mold.

BitumFiber bituminous wood fiber panels are hygrometric regulators; protect buildings with a wooden or metal structure from rain and wind.
Reduces vibrations. It has a density of 230 kg/m³.

The material is also recyclable, with relative NaturePlus certification and made exclusively with wood from controlled forests in compliance with the FSC directives.

Bitum Fiber bituminous wood fiber panel is an excellent material for making dry and wet screeds, floors and walkable floors:

• the panels are produced in compliance with the current European standards (EN13986 and EN622-4) with continuous supervision by external parties and in compliance with the compression, extrusion and recovery requirements of American Standard ASTMD1751;
• natural wood fibers used as a raw material are not irritating, especially for the skin;
• the wood comes from forests controlled by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) reforestation cycles;
• unlike some other insulating materials, there is no need for special security measures;
• the panels are easy to work with common woodworking machines; 
• tested and authorized building material based on current European standards.


Thickness (mm) Dimension (mm) Weight/m²(kg) Panels/Pallet m²/Pallet Weight/Pallet(kg)
10 2500x1200 2,20 114342,0approx.790
122500x1200 2,64 95285,0approx.790
152500x1200 3,30 76228,0approx.790
192500x1200 4,18 60180,0approx.790


Density (kg/m³) 230
Reaction to fire according to the EN standard 13501-1 E
Thermal conductivity coefficient λD W/(m∗K) 0,05
Specific heat c [J/(kg∗K)] 2.100
Resistance to vapor diffusion μ 5
Thermal resistance   RD [(m² · K)/W] 0,20 (10 ) / 0,24 (12) / 0,30 (15) / 0,38 (19)
Compression strenght (kPa) 100
Tersile strenght (kPa) ≥10
European CE Certification Mark CE EN 622-4 - SB.H - E1
Waste code (EAK) 030105 /170201